Marriage Counseling

No Two People are 100% Compatible

It’s not a marriage without the occasional argument, but when problems are taking a toll on your connection, counseling can provide communication techniques that can help both sides understand and empathize with each other better.

Our Idaho Falls counseling for married couples refers to marriage guidance, marriage support, and marriage training. It helps couples and individuals resolve issues in their marriage that are causing tension, stress, or problems within their established relationships.

When one partner asks for help, it usually means they have come to recognize the marriage as not fulfilling expectations of happiness or emotional needs, and they can often feel stuck in the relationship. They tend to be unhappy and even feel resentment toward their partner who they once felt loved them unconditionally—now they’re uncertain if those feelings still exist at all.

How Marriage Counseling Works

There are many benefits that Idaho Falls counseling with a licensed therapist offers. Our counseling can help couples identify issues or problems within their marriage, and provide strategies on how they can overcome those difficulties.


One noteworthy benefit is that it helps partners get in touch with their own feelings about the marriage and their partner, and to begin to share those feelings respectfully with one another.

Some marriage training may also be involved if couples are having difficulties with communication—especially during disagreements, arguments, or any other form of marital conflict. This makes them more aware of what’s going on in a way that may help them understand the root cause of a particular problem or problems.

Counseling Can Bring Couples Closer Together

Often, both parties can end up feeling like they are stuck in a relationship that isn’t what it used to be. Our Idaho Falls counseling can help those experiencing emotional distance from their spouse and are noticing significant changes in the intimacy of the marriage or significant negative impact on other parts of their lives.

Counseling Can Improve Communication

Our Idaho Falls counseling can also help couples learn how to communicate more effectively with each other, and can also enable them to appreciate one another’s perspective so they begin working together as a team rather than at odds with one another. It can provide tools for partners to handle particular challenges—especially ones that have been difficult for them to overcome on their own.

Marriage Counseling Usually Works

It might surprise you to know that about 70-80% of couples have reported positive and relationship-improving results from professional couples counseling.

Partners who seek our Idaho Falls counseling stand a very good chance of restoring and improving their relationship.

In fact, studies show that marriage counseling has the same beneficial results as couples therapy for all kinds of relationships. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to any form of counseling or therapy, many couples have reported positive outcomes with the help of marriage counselors.

Even in cases where one partner refuses to attend sessions, receiving professional guidance can still be beneficial. Research has found that if only one member of the couple participates in marital counseling, they’re more satisfied as compared to those who don’t participate at all. This applies to our Idaho Falls counseling services as well.

How To Know When You Need Couples Counseling

Arguments and disagreements with your spouse is normal, but if these disagreements are growing larger over time, then it may be a sign that there is trouble between you and your partner that goes beyond your typical relationship problems.

When you have tried to talk to your spouse about marriage difficulties, do not give up after just one or two attempts. It takes more than one good conversation with open communication in order to repair a broken relationship.

If the issues continue, they begin to tear apart your family life, and start affecting other aspects of your life such as at work or school, this is a clear sign that your marriage is struggling.

When you feel that your spouse and yourself are growing further apart, it’s important to take action rather than just ignoring the problem.

Ignoring a relationship issue does not make the problem go away. Our counseling in Idaho Falls can help you break through these problems and gain a deeper level of intimacy.

How Can a Marriage Counselor Help?


An Idaho Falls marriage counselor can help in restoring communication between partners, while providing tools for each individual to use in order to communicate more effectively with their spouse moving forward. It’s important to remember that going to see a professional means that you want the relationship to succeed and move into a happier stage of life together.

Each person has an opportunity during counseling sessions on becoming more self-aware of themselves and how they contribute to conflict within the marriage. This discovery process can cause negative feelings at first, but will ultimately lead to better communication, cooperation, and a healthier relationship if both partners are willing to change.

During your Idaho Falls counseling sessions, both parties will learn specific strategies that can be used in order to communicate more effectively and understand each other’s feelings and actions better. Couples learn how conflict can be better-handled within their own home, which leads to a healthier household moving forward.

Counseling can also help strengthen your marriage by resolving past conflicts, as unresolved conflict almost always rears its head in other ways and in other areas of your relationship.

Our Idaho Falls counseling center provides couples with individualized counseling sessions according to their wants and needs for improvement within their marriage. During these counseling sessions, you’ll discover what changes need to be made in order for your marriage to become stronger than before.

Seeking Couples Therapy is an Affirmation That Your Relationship is Worth Saving

If you’re considering couples therapy, it’s an affirmation that you truly do love your spouse and want to make your relationship work.

That may seem like common sense, but many people jump into couples counseling because their friends or family advise them to do so instead of actually wanting help for themselves. Couples counseling isn’t something you go through lightly—it takes time and effort on both spouses’ parts in order to see results at the end of a session.

Maintaining Your Privacy During Counseling Sessions

One thing that most Idaho Falls residents find comforting when visiting The Counseling Agency is that each session is kept private between just you, your spouse, and your counselor during and after your counseling session.

Your Idaho Falls marriage counselor understands the importance of confidentiality and will only discuss your sessions with you and your spouse. This allows you to talk freely about any issues in your relationship without worrying about anyone’s judgement.